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The Van Dyne Lions Club in conjunction with the Fond du Lac Evening Lions Club will be constructing a new facility to house medical equipment to loan for those who need wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, portable toilets, hospital beds, etc. at no cost to serve those in the south-central region of District 27-B1 at the Van Dyne Lions Park.

Currently, the project is endorsed by both Fond du Lac Evening Lions, Van Dyne Lions and District 27-B1. We have also applied and received approval for a grant from Lions Club International Foundation for a 50/50 Grant. The project is also endorsed by the Larson Winchester Lions Medical Equipment Locker and the Fox Valley Lions Medical Equipment Locker.

How can you, as a Lions Club, supporting business or individual help us make this project reality?

Donate what you can and get recognition on one of our plaques to be displayed in the building for all see and know of your support!

Select your donation level and have your individual name, club name, district name or business name displayed for everyone to observe.


For more information contact either PDG Tom Wendt   920-517-2724

PDG/ WLF Past President Tom Clausen   920-960-7484


Thank you for your support in this combined effort.  

 WestLake Medical Equipment Locker Board 

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