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Vision Screening


District 27-B1 Vision Screening Mission: “To provide vision screening to the youth of our community for those who do not have access to pediatric eye screening programs. Our goal is to identify vision issues early enough in a child’s life to assist in correcting vision for life” In pursuit of our ongoing campaign against blindness, the Lions have adopted the use of Autorefractor cameras to help diagnose eye problems at a much younger age. The Autorefractor or sometimes called a Photorefractor camera uses infrared imaging to diagnose many common eye conditions so our children can be treated for these conditions.

District 27-B1 has purchased 3 Spot Cameras for use in our district with the assistance of a grant from the Lions Clubs International
Foundation. Clubs decide to take on the project of Children Vision Screening and then train their members to visit schools and community centers to screen children 6 months to middle school age.  If the camera detects a vision loss or problem, the parents of the child will be notified and suggested that they seek the services of an eye professional for a more thorough examination.

Vision Chilton Development Screening.JPG
Vision NH Screening.JPG

Left:  Stockbridge Lion Jim Hooyman and county nurse Connie Schaefer.
The age group was 3 years to 4 years of which 43 where screened with 7 referrals.

Right:  New Holstein Lions Betty Gunderson, Mary Jo Abler, and county nurse Wanda Rieth.
The age group was 2 years to 4 years of which 83 were screened with 11 referrals.

The following files are provided to give you more information on this project.

Kidsight USA Information   WelchAllyn Information   Parent Consent Letter

Letter to Day Care or Head Start Schools   Vision Screening Activity Sheet   Vision Screening Report Form

If your club is interested in becoming a vision screening club, contact the district chairman, DG Fred Gebhardt, for assistance. His contact information is 920-378-2024 or email  His VS Camera 1 is located in Chilton.  VS Camera 2 is located in Plymouth.  Contact Kevin Loose at 920-892-8501 or VS Camera 3 is located in Butte des Morts.  Contact Pete Ehiert at 920-252-1446 or  VS Camera 4 is located in Markesan.  Contact Bonnie Strelow at 920-748-7507 or VS Camera 5 is located in Berlin. Contact Bill Bartaszewicz at 920-361-9987 or .  VS Camera 6 is located in Mishicot.  Contact Bob Shimek at 920-755-4527 or  VS Camera 7 is located in St. Peter.  Contact Dan Weber at 920-251-5150 or

If you are still interested and want to see what the Lions in District 27-B2 are doing, click on the link below for their information.

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