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Sheboygan Evening Lions

Serving our Community and Internationally since 1922
General Membership Meetings - First Tuesday of the Month - 6:30 pm
Board Meetings - Third Tuesday of the Month

P.O. Box 585, Sheboygan Wi 53082-0585.

Since 1917, local Lions clubs have offered people just like you the opportunity to give something back to their community. Today, with over 1.35 million men and women in over 45,000 clubs in 200 countries, Lions have expanded their focus to help meet the ever increasing needs of our society.

The Sheboygan Evening Lions Club has been chartered since 1922. As a member of our Lions club you become aware of the needs of our community and have the advantage to effectively make a difference. Our club provides volunteers with project management assistance, leadership training, personal development opportunities, and organized fundraising programs. Being a Lion empowers you to help others in a way that no one person could.

Now more than ever, people with vision problems, the environment, our senior community, our youth an the disadvantaged around the world need your help. You can make a difference.

The Sheboygan Evening Lions Club is a service club that takes the Lions “WE SERVE” very seriously. Our members are dedicated and serve many hours to help raise money for a variety of causes. Some of our fund raisers include Rose Day Sales (selling and delivering flowers for Mother’s Day), operating a concession stand at Wings and Wheels, conducting a Spring/Summer Golf Raffle and brat fry’s throughout the year. Our members not only work to raise money but continue to serve by personally aiding someone in need of assistance. We also help educate the community about blindness, diabetes and the hearing impaired. Our volunteers provide vision screening to preschool children to help detect vision disorders that can easily be corrected with early diagnosis. We provide transportation to monthly meetings and summer camp for the sight impaired.

We continually collect glasses and hearing aids for recycling to give to those who cannot afford this simple aid for a better quality of life.

One hundred percent of the money raised will be donated to a wide variety of worthy causes such as Lions Camp (a free camp for children and adults with special needs). On a local basis, our Club, has contributed monetarily to:

∙ Scholarships
∙ Foreign Exchange Students
∙ Leo Clubs
∙ Boy & Girl Scouts
∙ Eye Exam for those in need
∙ Leader Dog Training
∙ Bookworm Gardens
∙ Above and Beyond Children’s Museum
∙ INSIGHT and REINS Programs
∙ Safety Glasses and Equipment to the Sheboygan School District
∙ Wisconsin Lions Foundation
∙ Bell Ringing for the Salvation Army
∙ Wisconsin Eye Bank Tissue Transport
∙ Collection of Used Eyeglasses & Hearing Aides
∙ Transportation for the Individuals with Visual Impairments

Locally, Sheboygan’s Lions Clubs donated $12,000 after the flood of 1997 with an additional $10,000 donated by Lions Club International. Lion’s Club International Foundation gave a $8.8 million grant to the Lions Carter Center Sight First Initiative to eliminate river blindness and other causes of preventable blindness.

An organization cannot function well without a little down time for fellowship and relaxation. Fellowship is integral and highly valued part of our Club. From the Tail Twister getting the fun started at our meetings, Christmas parties and Spouse nights, our club, although a service club, makes time for fun. We also expand our fellowship to other Lions Clubs as well through our quarterly Zone Meetings.

2020-2021 Club Officers

President: Larry Batterman
1st Vice President: Dennis Ketterman
2nd Vice President: Louie Klueger

3rd Vice President: Ellen Cheney
Secretary: Ray Petersohn
Treasurer: Paul Corson
Tail Twister: Brad Henning
Lion Tamer: Lou Cecil
Membership Chair & Past President: Lisa Knitt
2 Year Board Members: Phyllis Bacon & Bernie Beimel
1 Year Board Members: Don Greber & Tom Wagner
LCIF Chair: Donna Zelenak

Club Service Chairperson: Ray Petersohn

Marketing Communications Chairperson: Ellen Cheney

The Sheboygan Evening Lions Major Fund Raising Events are: Rose Day Sales for Mother’s Day; Corn Roasting for Lakefest; Hot Dog Sales at Wings & Wheels; and Brat Fry’s throughout the year.

The Sheboygan Evening Lions Major Charitable Contributions are:  Wisconsin Lions Foundation; Lions Club International Foundation; Hearing & Sight Conservation; College Scholarships; Youth Activities; Lions Park; Lions Camp Cabin Project; American Field Service (AFS); Salvation Army Bell Ringing: and Community Projects (Food Relief).

These activities all relate to our Motto “WE SERVE” and our Slogan “LIBERTY, INTELLIGENCE, OUR NATIONS SAFETY”

View the History of the Sheboygan Evening Lions - 95th Anniversary

View the club's Constitution and By Laws

Download the Sheboygan Evening Lions brochure


Wisconsin Lions Camp - Rosholt


AFS Youth Exchange Night


Lakefest Corn Roast


School presentation of Leader Dog Puppy Training


Annual Softball Game with Plymouth Lions

The Sheboygan Evening Lions Club is a great way to serve our community and make new friends at the same time.

Do you want to join us?


Sheboygan Evening Lions Club
Attn: Membership Chairman
P.O. Box 585
Sheboygan, WI 53082-0585

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