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Lions and Officer Training

You are in a unique position to empower your Lions club and guide it to success during your term.

Lions Clubs International has created webpages and helpful resources for each of your club’s officers. Every webpage provides material and resources as well as e-Books to assist you as you serve in your role. Take a minute to visit your designated webpage and familiarize yourself with its content so you are able to best serve your club.

  • Club President/Club First Vice President

    You will find information regarding critical club operations and resources for effectively leading your club.

  • Club Secretary

    You will find information to support the business operations of the club.

  • Club Treasurer

    You will find information to assist in helping you manage all financial operations of the club.

  • Club Service Chairperson

    You will find information to assist in helping you to implement service projects and fundraising of the club.

Some key resources offered by Lions Clubs International are:

  1. Standard Club Constitution and By-Laws

  2. Standard Club Structure

  3. Club Resources

  4. MyLCI

  5. Best Practice for Financial Transparency

  6. LCI Store

We look forward to supporting you. Please contact us if you have any questions at (630) 468-6890 or

Dear Club President, Secretary and Treasurer,

Thank you for serving the members of your club as a leader. New online courses for club officers are available in the Lions Learning Center (LLC) to complement local training available to you. These courses are a quick and easy way to review key aspects of your role and responsibilities to ensure that your club leadership team is prepared for continued success.

Access the upgraded LLC using the following steps:

  1. Log in to your Lion Account. For assistance with your Lion Account, contact My Lion Support at or 630-468-7000.

  2. Select “Go” for the Learn app.

  3. Select “Go” to access the Lions Learning Center.

  4. View assigned learning on your homepage or choose a course from the course library.

For questions or assistance with the LLC, please contact us at

Looking for information on how to submit reports online through MyLCI and MyLion?  Click the button below to download the PowerPoint presentation that was given at the 2021 State Convention.

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