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Cabinet History

Welcome to the electronic age of instant retrieval.  No more will cabinet history be saved in a storage file in someone's basement or garage which is subject to deterioration.  By clicking on the year link, this will open up a PDF with all the saved history for that year.  This collection was compiled by PDG Orv Doede and PDG Tom Clausen.  If you have something to add to the file, contact us on how to get your information added.

When viewing the files, some material, like horizontal pages and convention booklets might be turned by 90 degrees.  The image can be turned by clicking on View in the menu bar and Rotate if you are viewing in a PDF reader.  Some people have their browser set to open PDF files directly within the browser. Right click and choose to rotate the image clockwise. Depending on what software you have installed, your procedure may vary. Ctrl Shift + (the + by the key pad) will rotate the image clockwise on newer browsers.

District B divided into B1 and B2 in 1967

1967-1968  DG Howard Heimke

1968-1969  DG Vern Ruhl

1969-1970  DG Herbert Schneider

1970-1971  DG Donald Leverentz

1971-1972  DG Everett Lee

1972-1973  DG Ray Kauffung

1973-1974  DG Max Harrington

1974-1975  DG Donald Kringel

1975-1976  DG Donald Mattison

1976-1977  DG John Schneider, Jr.

1977-1978  DG Clement Schoenborn

1978-1979  DG Clarence Weller

1979-1980  DG Orvin Doede

1980-1981  DG Glenn Murty

1981-1982  DG Frederick Holtz

1982-1983  DG Vernon Pautz

1983-1984  DG Milton Wood

1984-1985  DG Eugene Norberg

1985-1986  DG Thomas Koch

1986-1987  DG Dennis Kitchen

1987-1988  DG Dwaine Habrat

1988-1989  DG Paul Tadych

1989-1990  DG Tom Thorson

1990-1991  DG Victor Voigt

1991-1992  DG Robert Showers

1992-1993  DG Gordon Hoffman

1993-1994  DG Kenneth Rohde

1994-1995  DG Clayton Sengbusch

1995-1996  DG David Petrie

1996-1997  DG John Damrow

1997-1998  DG Patrick Champeau

1998-1999  DG Deloran Peterson

1999-2000  DG Thomas Clausen

2000-2001  DG Steven Groene

2001-2002  DG Orville Kittel

2002-2003  DG Edward Filemyr

2003-2004  DG Tom King

2004-2005  DG Richard Christianson

2005-2006  DG Gary Colton

2006-2007  DG Kenneth Wallander

2007-2008  DG Vernon Pautz

2008-2009  DG Gary Bilke

2009-2010  DG Leonard Quinn

2010-2011  DG Gerald Post

2011-2012  DG Merle Strelow

2012-2013  DG Meg Post

2013-2014  DG Dawn Christensen

2014-2015  DG Gary Silah

2015-2016  DG Marv Henke

2016-2017  DG Tom Berendes

2017-2018  DG Fred Gebhart

2018-2019  DG David Lee

2019-2020 DG Michael De Baere

2020-2021 DG Thomas Wendt

2021-2022 DG B.J. Blahnik

2022-2023 DG Dave Brinkman

2023-2024 DG Greg Kubichka

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