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Your treasurer has probably been inundated with email from Simple 990.  You don't have to pay $40 to file your 990-N. The IRS has a free service on their website.  The 990-N is for clubs who don't have $50,000 funneling through their bank each year.  The year we use is July - June.  Your club has until November 15 to file.  This is not new to your club as we have been doing this for years.  What is new is the way we have to get into their website.

The first step is go to the IRS.GOV website.  You can then search 990-N and you should get a result to go to this page.  There is a blue button half way down the page.  Click on that to start your submission process.  Follow all the instructions on screen and you should have no problem and you can complete the process in minutes.

New this year is how you identify yourself.  You need to create a new login using LOGIN.GOV if you are going to file a 990-N.  It is mentioned in the fine print.  I found to be a disaster for trying to set up an account since it thinks you are logging in as an individual and you as an individual might already have an account.

Make sure you have your FEIN ready in case it asks you for it.

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